The Human Predicament: Part II

from by Coins As Portraits



An ordinary feeling rests as a reason, with the last drop of truth arousing your dry lips. It’s my awe-inspiring confidence that feeds your doubts. I can’t help but wonder: if we are our divinity alike, but no traces of everlasting war of races, then better must he be than our purely opaque soul? A brotherly reverence drives your blind forgiveness; you should’ve known better that truly always will existence be restored by another. At this time I think the rain drops are not aiming at me. It’s easy to turn white to grey, life to illness. An insight into God’s creation leaves me with a bitter taste. Man couldn’t have created all that’s evil; my final scope is to prevent your feeble body in unwashed coverings to render grey hearts, in distant rooms, less eternal. The hand that prays is the same that kills and I shall seize the everyday uncontrolled gestures with an affectionate move that will undoubtedly cause both a terrestrial and divine ending.


from Form and structure. Storm and fracture., released October 1, 2011




Coins As Portraits Brașov, Romania

Coins as Portraits is a grindcore band from Brasov, Romania. They have been developing their sound since 2006, with their first proper recording "Form and Structure, Storm and Fracture" released in 2011. Coins as Portraits take a progressive approach to songwriting, pushing past genre boundaries. Their experimenting involves unusual time signatures, dissonance and unconventional song structures. ... more

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